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Since a couple of months there is some information about making a movie with action concept. In our news section there were hints about filming in October/November, but more information could not be found. Finally now it's time to give you an update.
Since the beginning of 2003 we posted, that actionconcept and the ehge Stuntteam are planning to bring "Kampfansage" on the big screen, filming should be started in summer. For financial reasons the project had to be postponed and the screenplay was temporary put into the safe. Until this decision, everybody had spent many time, energy and last but not least money on the project, so a second, smaller project was launched. With a new story, short buget but at least as much energy finally work for " Kampfansage - The Movie" started.
In this article we give you a review of the last six months and tell about the new project...

The production office looks like a construction site. Packing cases in the left corner, other equipment in the right corner, people are carrying heavy cases and the telephones are ringing continuously. We realise: "Kampfansage - The Movie " has been filmed, after 38 hard days the first german martial-arts movie is done. Let's take a look back and tell about the time in Berlin and the movie.

About 6 months ago, the first teammembers arrived in Berlin-Wedding. Christian Mathis, Volkram Martial-Arts Stunts/Choreography/Acting), Johannes (Screenplay/Director), Marcus (Director of Photography) und Tobias (Production) were the first people, who started their work for "Kampfansage - The Movie". For the next months our headquarter was a plain apartment in an old building near the "Gesundbrunnen" in Berlin. At this time the 5 rooms seemed to be quite huge, but while the filming was in progress, the rooms were full of people - working or sleeping and no room for privacy... But there was a long way in front of us until we could begin the filming. At this time the screenplay was in an early stage and Johannes presented updates every day. The stuntteam was choreographing some fights and visited acting classes. Quite often we took location scouting tours across Berlin and its suburbs, so soon we had a long list with possible locations for the movie. But there was a big problem: the screenplay was not ready yet and and an exact schedule did not exist, so we could not give detailed information to the locations owners, so the choreographys could not be fitted.

Finally in August we got the long awaited message from Cologne: Our production company Action Concept gave the green light for the screenplay and we could start doing things properly.

Link: The Story of the Movie

The project was taking shape. The ... and costume designer started their work and together we created the look of the movie. Meanwhile the stuntteam had become bigger, the members were martial-arts talents, stunt-professionals and SFX-specialists, so only money was the limit. Our schedule was becoming more precise and we planed to film from October until the middle of November. Meanwhile our apartment had changed, too. There were only two rooms left for sleeping and living, the other rooms had been used as offices. We had a lack of space, so we had to rent another apartment in the neighborhood - two more offices and one big dorm room which was furnished with 10 army double bunk beds (so the team called this room "bed-tabor").

About two weeks until filming we counted 80 Team members, the cast was complete and we were happy about several special guest stars: Esther Schweins, Bela B and the german Hip Hop Act Massive Töne were part of our cast list.

September, 29th with the break of dawn we had reached the long awaited moment: the first take of "Kampfansage - The Movie" was shooted. In the next weeks the unexpected became usual. The team at the set worked hard from the early morning until midnight, for the same time the telephones at our office were busy and everybody gave his best, to take the challanges on every single day. Despite the hard work and hard conditions, nobody lost his motivation and time passed away very fast until we had the last day of shooting.

So everybody is glad, because the stress is now over, but on the other hand there is sadness, for the great time in Berlin is now over and evreybody is back on his own way.
We finished filming, the office in Berlin is now closed, but again things have just begun. Right now postproduction is starting in Stuttgart, in the next months the movie will be created out of over 100 hours of raw material. So it will last a while until the movie is released and we hope to shorten the waiting with some updates on this website...

Tobias Hartmann


Kampfansage - der Letzte Schüler

  • Movie, 90 Minutes, Format: 16:9
  • Locations: 'round Berlin
  • Time of shooting: September/October/November 2003
  • Production: Hermann Joha
  • Producer: Melanie Mohr, Katrin Esser
  • Production Company: Action Concept
  • Screenplay, Director: Johannes Jaeger
  • 2nd Unit Director: Benjamin Eicher
  • Director of photography: Marcus Stotz, Tanja Häring
  • Choreography: Mathis Landwehr, Volkram Zschiesche, Christian Monz
  • Cast: Mathis Landwehr (Jonas Klingenberg), Volkram Zschiesche (Vinzent Lakotta), Christian Monz (Bosco), Zora Holt (Kleo), Sinta Weisz (Marie Lakotta), Ygal Gleim Sroussi (Malte), Stefan Volovinis (Ono), Alexis Volovinis (Frank), Mgoc Thach Nguyen (Meister Thach), Max Luz (Ben), Ferdinand Fischer (Gregor), Mike Möller (Mike), Kristina Papadopoulou (Kristina), The Anh Ngo (Mark), Ron Matz (Ulrich), Wolfgang Stegemann (Edgar)
  • Special Guest Stars: Esther Schweins, Bela B, Massive Töne
  • Filmed on Mini35 DV
  • Raw material: über 100 Stunden (ohne Making Of)
  • Team: up to 80 at the set, up to 15 at the office
  • Stuntteam: about 20

D E M O R E E L  2003

About a half year ago during a stuntcasting for KAMPFANSAGE I met the EHGE guys for the first time. I did all the camerawork at that very day in february. Days and Nights passed and some weeks ago it was time for another job: I had to do a demoreel for them.

Almost every independent martial arts team has its own demoreel and I almost like none of it. The stuff those guys are doing is most of the time amazing, but the reels itself are bad edited or have a score which does not fit the action or the reels are just too long. That long that every not martial arts interested guy or gal switches it off after a certain time. I wanted to do that different, whether I fullfilled this task is up to you.

The reel was shot within 3h and I needed another 10h hours to edited it. The reel was done almost 6 weeks ago and whenever I have the time I will do another real reel. A reel which includes more then just jumping and kicking in a gym.

Ulrik Bruchholz

KAMPFANSAGE - Demoreel 2003
Camera: Marcus Stotz & Ulrik Bruchholz
Edited by: Ulrik Bruchholz

flatCOIN - productions

(5.1 MB, 320x180, Quicktime)

(4.9 MB, 320x240, DivX 5.05)

K A M P F A N S A G E   W A L L P A P E R S
We're working hard to finish the new design for our homepage. To shorten the waiting time here is a pre-release of several wallpapers

K A M P F A N S A G E   -   T H E   M O V I E
Kampfansage the Movie
The Battle Continues - on the big screen

Something nobody would have expected a year ago - the production of "Kampfansage - the movie" is in progress.
With Action Concept Film and Stunt Production we have found a highly professional partner for this ambitious project. The company is not only the European forerunner in the action genre but also produces several successful TV-series such as "Alarm für Cobra 11" and "Wilde Engel" for RTL. Shooting for this film was in October/November 2003 and we just started with post production. This website will keep you informed about the progress of our work. Find everything you want to know about crew, cast and martial-arts training, including how we created the complex fighting scenes.

We'll keep you up to date with exciting infos and pics till the movie will be released

Link: action concept Film- and Stunt Produktion
M O R E   A R T I C L E S

31.03.03: Fight Scene for Cobra 11

The ehge-Stuntteam featured the action series "Alarf für Cobra 11". We take a look behind the scenes and give you some set-pictures.


21.03.03: T-Shirts

The first Kampfansage T-Shirt can be found in our onlineshop. Check out some pictures in the gallery. The T-Shirt comes in a limited edition so don't hesitate...


05.03.03: Kampfansage Forum

The Kampfansage discussion-board is now open. We're looking forward for your entries. Just got to and discuss about the Movie, the Shorts, the Stuntteam etc.

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